Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy 6 Month Anniversary Lilah!!!

This weekend, on December 1st, we have had Lilah in our arms for 6 months! She has now been with us longer than she was without us! What a wonderful milestone to reach!

On Friday night we headed down to see the lighting of Ivar's Clam Lights in Renton. Just this past week has been the first really cold weather us Hawaiians have experienced. And having to put so many clothes on a baby is new to me. Lilah doesn't even have any gloves yet, so i put my gloves on her. It was around 35 degrees while we enjoyed the lights and boat parade. But I must say, it wasn't quite as happening as the Hawaii Kai Boat Parade, no volcanoes or hula dancers on top of the boats. But all the pretty lights with cool weather and our coats made it easy to get into the season.
Good news, the house is ours! We finished signing everything this past saturday, with it all officially completed this coming monday. We're really excited, March can't get here soon enough. Saturday was Lilah's first snowfall and we thought it made the new house look great. We get to pick all the colors and stuff for the inside which I find exciting and over whelming all at the same time. We are meeting with our project manager this coming tuesday to get started on all the plans and we can barely wait. For those of you who know us well, know Bill and I always agree on big stuff like, should we marry, where to live, adopting kids, etc but little stuff like paint color and furniture selection...... we'll be duking it out for days! So come visit us and see what compromise looks like.
This is a pond right next to our house. Its in a cookie cutter neighborhood, but I think we have the best lot because all our windows look out to this very nice pond. It even has its own ducks, maybe we can even get Lilah her own duck, and don't worry, we'll have a fence around the house to prevent any accidents.
Here's a photo to show the house next to the pond so you can could a good feel for the place.
So Saturday was our 6 month anniversary with Lilah, it was also her first snowfall, and her first time meeting a celebrity..... and who did she meet you might ask?..... PAULA DEEN. Lilah and I went to Costco and there she was signing books, we had no idea she was going to be there, so what were two country girls like us to do... we got in line and got a book signed. Paula was very nice and of course said how cute Lilah was. We met her husband Michael too. For those of you who don't know, i'm originally from Brunswick GA, just 45 min south of Savannah, Paula's home town. And every dish of hers i've ever made has turned out great, unlike some other food network stars. And when we came out of Costco all excited after we met Paula, we got to enjoy a very big snowfall, Lilah's first snowfall. What a big day!

We leave this week for GA for two weeks, so we'll catch up again after we return.