Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Lilah can almost say Happy Halloween! We started watching the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown in the car yesterday and something traumatized her and now she won't let me turn the DVD player back on in the car. I'm sure it will resolve soon, but in the mean time i'm enjoying having the radio back for a few days! Out for a stroll in our neighborhood, enjoying some of the last perfect Seattle weather and trying out our new double stroller Mom scored for us from the thrift shop! Thanks Oma!
AJ is no longer in the bumbo at dinner. She now sits in the little red chair. I love when she relaxes in it and props her foot. She's a really smiley and giggly baby. Today while I was driving she and Lilah were laughing at each other in the back seat, i don't know over what, but it was music to my ears!
Here's how we roll in the mornings. Mommy in the shower. AJ in the exer-saucer. Lilah with snacks on the side of the bathtub and running all around getting into whatever she can find! I currently get ready faster than I ever have before! I'll look back and really miss these days, ...truthfully.
Lilah showing off her ankle tattoo of Belle from beauty and the beast!
Here we are at one of our favorite parks on a play date with one of Lilah's best pals Alex. Our two little munchkins are taking a break for playing for a little snack time. How cute they both showed up in the same colors, future prom date maybe?
Here's Lilah just having fun at home. She does this new gymnastics type pose and she's starting to do it for the camera. She lifts her back leg in the pose, but i caught the picture as she was coming out of her pose. We take gymnastics now on fridays and she loves it. Only problem is now she thinks every bar we see, i.e. at the grocery store, target, etc. should be climbed on and swung from. She also walks up to strangers and strikes the pose, they often aren't sure what to make of it which is quite fun to watch!
I recently took the girls to have their pictures done. Here's a photo I took of AJ during her photo shoot.
Thanks Auntie LA for the adorable monogrammed onesies's. We love them! Often when people ask me the baby's name they ask twice, aren't sure exactly what i said the first time. I love these, makes it much easier for folks. Just gearing up for Halloween! Hoping to hit the pumpkin patch this weekend.!