Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talking bout my girls......

Here we are at Aunt Liz's for a play date. Liz is so good,.... not only does she work part time, quilts, is a great cook, always taking her kids somewhere fun or doing a fun project at home, she somehow finds time to garden too. Here she is letting Lilah pick her first carrot.
Here's all the gang of kids at the playdate. I know they'll all have so much fun growing up together.
Here's Lilah playing in her playhouse sporting her adorable crab dress that some friends made for her in Hawaii. She loved to say "crab" all day then yell out the color of the crab. Does Lilah know her colors now?..... No, but she does know which words are colors. For ex: if you say what color is this crab( pointing to a purple crab) she'll say orange. So, she definitely doesn't know her colors, she loves to say pink ( used to be yellow) but at least she knows what words are colors.... I think that's something. And the yellow flowers you see are from Papa's house, which I think make the playhouse all the more special.
Here's my girls, just doing what they do best! Enjoying the moment!
Aubrey Jane sits to the side of my bathroom counter in her chair while I get ready in the morning. Lilah is usually in the sink playing with the water or putting on my make-up. Aubrey Jane loves the toothbrush. If I start brushing my teeth and forget to give her a toothbrush, she'll holler at me. Bill always wants to know why his toothbrush goes missing.... well, here you go, ...we take it with us when we go downstairs or wherever and it just goes amiss. Good thing we've got a Costco pack of toothbrushes!

Its Football Season

It's football season and my girls and I are rooting as always for our dawgs! On game day I like to dress them up in their GA attire. Its fun when we're out and about in Seattle to spot other GA fans. But i must admit I didn't put them in their outfits this past saturday and GA suffered a devastating loss to Alabama. I must let Coach Richt know I won't let it happen again.
Couldn't get Lilah to sit beside Aubrey Jane so you could appreciate her outfit better, but what can you do? Still a cute picture. I now can get Lilah to say "Go Dawgs" then roof roof like a dog! It helps that she loves to say dog and make dog sounds. Bill is trying to convert them to being gamecock fans, but this will never happen, in college football the girls are with me!
But on Sundays, the girls support their dad's team, the cowboys!
I ordered these cute outfits for the girls to surprise Bill! So when when came down the stairs he'd have a nice surprise of his favorite girls showing their cowboy pride!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i got all my sisters with me!

Things are going really well with Lilah and Aubrey Jane. Lilah now can make Aubrey Jane laugh quite a bit. She'll blow zerberts on her belly or push her in the swing and Aubrey Jane will squeal with delight. Its quite fun to see. This photo Lilah had just woken up and Aubrey Jane was touching her... and Lilah was in no mood for it. But those little sisters want to be close to the big ones! The first time Lilah took a toy out of Aubrey Jane's hand and AJ screamed at her, I thought to myself.... and so it begins.
Lilah loves to sit on top of Aubrey Jane when she's in the bumbo. She'll actually bounce on her. The first time I saw her do this I almost had a heart attack. But then I realized Lilah is mostly sitting on the little piece in the middle. Both the girls think this is really funny. And to see them laughing together just melts my heart. I think its going to be so great they are so close in age.
Here's my girls enjoying some chicken drumsticks, or "Bone sticks" as the Evan's girls would call them. We may live in Washington, but if your Mama is a Georgia girl there's certain things you still got to grow up with like fried chicken, grits, chicken & dumplins, and of course my Nanny's famous egg custard.
Lilah sits next to Aubrey Jane all the time now and says, "CHEESE." If I don't immediately take their picture together, she'll continue to say it louder and louder and with more urgency. Sometimes I don't even have the camera and just have to pretend I've got a camera. And yes we do take a lot of pictures in the kitchen on the island. But when you've got little ones getting a meal fixed, fed, and cleaned takes a lot of time. I timed myself the other day and it took way over an hour just to get lunch done from start to finish.... so this is where my day goes.
My sister and I are birds of a feather. We love one another and being together.

You'll find us most everyday, just tending the friendship that got sent our way.

Yes, we're two of a kind and I know that is why, .... we'll be close forever, my sister and I!

(this is a little exert from Lilah's Sister and I book by P.K. Hallinan, its one of our absolute favorite books)

I love you Moore!

We've got to have tons of fun lately with the Evan's clan. For those of you who don't remember, Liz is Bill's sister. So we all headed to San Juan one weekend and we had a great time. Here we are on a treasure hunt Jeff designed for all of us. You can see the kids all holding their maps. The kids had a great time! Liz is giving all the kids a few berries we found en route to the treasure!
We discovered a big purple star fish which Lilah was not so thrilled with. Bill says he's going to put Lilah in an exhibit at the zoo with the words "scaredy cat" beneath her. She's really scared of stuff these days. Not sure if its a phase or what. But at the same time she'll run up to strangers in the store and shout "Hi" or run a play with kids we see at a store, so not sure why the scared factor comes out at times. She's really scared of dogs, but with my allergies,.... its ok with me.
Here we are at the beach in San Juan. These photos crack me up. Its so hard to take a picture with this many little kids. And they've all got a million rocks they found stuffed in their pockets.
What will Liz and I do when we're with this many teenage girls?
Here we are waiting for the boys to go park the car for the ferry ride back to Seattle (Anacortes). It turned into a several hour ordeal. And here's Liz and I trying to kill time while we waited on the boys to get back. I remember when shopping was easier. I now know how moms start to look a little frumpy. Next time Liz and I are planning to park the cars. But we survived. We skipped the shopping and headed to the gardens to play 1-2-3 red light and then went and had some french fries!

Its been really great living close to Liz and the rest of the Evans. I've taken over Liz as my sister.... what that means is if Bill and I ever divorced, I get Liz in the settlement!

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson......

My dear friend Sara, her husband Jim, and her daughter Eva from Orlando came to visit us in early August and we had a wonderful visit! Sarah and I met our freshman year in college at Georgia Southern. We lived on the same hall in the dorm. We bonded at a braves game that several freshman in our dorm attended and we've been friends ever since.

We took the Robinson clan up to San Juan (Oma & Opa's place) for a few days and we really enjoyed ourselves. This shot was taken in front of the lighthouse during a mini hike at Lime Kiln point. I thought this was a great picture of them. And the funniest part is what 's going on beneath them as you can see in the following photo.

As you can see Ms. Lilah is having a fit! She didn't like me putting her down so I could take some photos! Somebody's nap was short and really wasn't in the mood for anything! So she threw herself down while I shot the photo..... you gotta love it!
I took Sara to the original Starbucks at Pike's Market. It was a sunny hot day in Seattle.... I know you're all surprised, but August and September have been gorgeous (make your travel plans for next year)! Anyway, we went with icy/cool beverages instead of coffee. As you see, Aubrey Jane was in need of a little caffeine herself.
While in San Juan Oma took us all clamming and looking for mussells. We found plenty and enjoyed a delicious feast prepared by Oma.... she spoils us.

When you visit the Moore clan we love to play spinners and/or Phase 10. Sara beat us all in every game. Oma said she isn't allowed to visit anymore. I thought this was a super cute photo of them clamming. Eva wasn't much for this dirty activity, but who could blame her?
Lilah really enjoyed having a playmate. Eva & Lilah are just 4 months apart. Who knows maybe they'll be roomies at good ole' GSU!

We Love Daddy Day - Wednesdays!

Ok, so i'm terribly embarrassed its taken me so long to update the blog once again. Unfortunately its always the last of my priority list. So if i've updated then that means i'm feeling a "little" caught up on everything else.

Bill is off every Wednesday and for the girls and i, its our favorite day of the week. For the past year we've used this day for errands, house hunting, then furniture looking, then unpacking, etc etc. Just now we're starting to do some really fun things on our special days. No, the house isn't finished yet, but all we have left is to hang pictures on the walls, organize the garage, and Bill has to sort his books in the study.... then we'll be done!! Nothing more to do than all the usual stuff like,... mow the grass, wash the clothes, blah blah blah!
Here we enjoyed a day at the Woodland Park Zoo! It was a great day, the kids really enjoyed it, .....the big ones and the little ones. Lilah is sporting her lovely hat. I know she's not smiling in a lot of these photos, but she currently prefers to smile when the camera is not pointing at her, or when the mood suits her.
Bill scored us some last minute tickets to the Mariners game off craig's list and we had a great time! Here we are posing with the mascot. And the girls even got certificates saying it was their first Mariner's game. Surprisingly everyone did quite well with the lack of naps and I certainly recommend a game for a fun family event. It was my first baseball game since i've become a parent and it was much more family friendly than I had imagined. They even had a great play area for kids.
Aubrey Jane really loved the game. She sat in our laps just content as could be watching the game. I think she's a big baseball fan already, which her Papa Jack will be thrilled about! How do you like her Mariner's hat? Of course she and Lilah have matching hats!
Here's our day at the Seattle Aquarium. It was a great day, and we got to see a huge octopus. Lilah loved the otters the most, but who wouldn't? We plan to take Beth and Lily to the aquarium when they come to visit us in October.