Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Tet!

book Here's necessary to get ready where we read Ten Mice for Tet while the kids ate their oranges. Its a cute little about all that's for Tet!

Here we are doing a dragon craft out of a paper cup. We also had a dragon parade. I made a dragon out of a box and red table cloth and if I must say so.... it was awesome!! I saved it for our next new year's party! Its a shame i'm the party planner and family photographer. No one took a picture of the dragon dance. I couldn't take the photo, I was helping lead them. I'll try to get a picture later of the dragon for you to see.

Since 2009 if the year of the ox all the kids made ox masks. So we also had an Ox and lantern parade. How cute!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Happy Tet!!

Happy Vietnamese New Year to everyone or if you're feeling really brave, Chuc Mung Nam Moi! We started our New Vietnamese New Year off right with a breakfast at Oma & Opas of ban quan (sp?) or Vietnamese pancakes as Mom calls them. Its one of my absolute favorite things she cooks, I could eat a million of them! Its nothing like an American pancake, think more dim sum or dumpling like with meat inside. Delicious!

We then headed home for our neighborhood Vietnamese New Year/Combined birthday party for the girls and our neighbor party. We started the party with a little coloring.... as any good party should!

We then educated the kids and grownups on the zodiacs for Vietnamese new year. Each person got a tag for what they were, Lilah is a dog and Aubrey Jane is a rat. Bill is an ox and i'm a rabbit/cat depending if you're talking Vietnamese or Chinese calendar. And I'm sporting a shirt Oma got me from Northern Vietnam on her last trip in case you were wondering.
The kids then planed pin the orange on the tree and got a cutie to eat. Oranges represent good fortune and health for the new year, or a million other things depending on what you read. The kids were wild about the oranges, you'd think I was giving away gold!

Here's the kids eating their cupcakes. This was the quietest moment of the entire 2 hours party! Lilah passed about red envelopes with chocolate coins inside for party favors! I think everyone had a great time and learned a little something too! As usual lately i'm having some posting problems. I'll go back a post a few more photos.