Monday, August 27, 2007


Just a few days before we left for our trip to Georgia & Seattle, my co-workers from the Neuro ICU at Queen's Medical Center celebrated us bringing Lilah home with a wonderful party/shower. Our wonderful hosts were Aunty Andrea & Uncle Jon, who held the soiree at the top of their building in downtown Honolulu. Lilah is just crazy about these two and we thank them so much for all they have done for us since we got home from Vietnam. Andrea is ever the perfect party planner, complete with clever baby games, itunes with all songs related to "Baby" and an adorable clothesline holding pictures of our trip to Vietnam and first pictures at home. The menu was southern cooking and Jon made delicious ribs and everyone brought southern dishes. Mel made the best hush puppies ever. It was weird though to go to a party in Hawaii with no rice or noodles.
This is Lilah with her Aunty Juliet and her daughter Gabby. These two were part of the clean up crew from when we first arrived home. Gabby is adorable, sweet, and very smart (just like her Mom), we hope Lilah will grow up with many of Gabby's fine traits.
This is Aunty Vanh who is half Vietnamese and half Chinese. I always tell Vanh there's a chance Lilah could look like her when she's grown. Of course Lilah is Vietnamese, but she's from Northern Vietnam where the Chinese migrated in the 13th century, so you never know. You may have also noticed poor Lilah's breakouts on her face. She got 3 big zits the day of the party, i think she was just nervous about it all..... what to wear...... meeting all these new people....she's like her Mom, life gets stressful, and the breakouts start.
Lilah's favorite gift of the night was Elmo from Aunty Heather & Uncle Ryan and their two girls Sarah and Jessie. Lilah loves this thing. He talks and she's supposed to help him get dressed. But I'm embarrassed to say just a few days ago I found this tag in his back you pull to end the demo and Elmo can really begin. So all this time we'd been hearing the same things over and over because it was on demo. I must say now Mommy finds the toy much less bothersome since he now says more than two things. And Sarah ( Heather & Ryan's oldest daughter) is so cute, she walks right up and talks to Lilah and says, "Baby Lilah would you like to play with me." She always calls her Baby Lilah and I love it.
This is Aunty Gina & Aunty KJ. Aunty KJ (in blue) was another of the musketeers that helped clean up when we first arrived home and she gave us a huge bag of yard sale goodies that were terrific.

Bill, Lilah, and I just wanted to say thank you to my work family for everything you have done for us. Your support and love has meant the world. You are one of the few people who were right there with us everyday of the adoption process and you know just how hard we worked for this little angel. You've loved us on our happy days and sad days and we just can't even begin to thank you enough. Love you all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy ....... (July 10th)

I told you we'd been busy, so i'm trying to catch back up to where we left off. Bill is finishing up his MBA this summer and so his birthday, tuesday, was on the same day he had class. So that means he goes to work all day, then straight to class, and doesn't get home till after 10pm, .... not much of a birthday. So Lilah and I decided to have a spur of the moment Surprise birthday dinner for Bill on monday night when he didn't have class, the day before his birthday. We knew this would really surprise him.

So John & Andrea ( who are adopting domestically here in Hawaii) and Abel came over to help us celebrate with the birthday boy. Many of you know when we first got home, Lilah wanted to be held ALL the time. Just the amount of time it took for me to change clothes in the morning and make up the bed would make her cry, so you can imagine that dinner was impossible to get finished. The day of the party I had so much cooking to do and she was such an angel all day. She sat right in her bumbo (greatest baby invention ever) and helped me cook all afternoon, and was a trooper with grocery shopping and all the last minute running around. It was like she almost knew we had to get it done and she was such a great sport. By the way, she's doing so much better now with entertaining herself. The sitting up on her own has really helped a lot. Now I'm afraid she's growing up too fast. She can put herself in the crawling position, no movement of course, but soon enough she'll be running around and will not want all that snuggling anymore. So i'm enjoying every bit of snuggling I can for now. I whisper in her ear at night to please not grow up too fast. Think it will work?

When our friends came over that night for the birthday, the boys helped Bill assemble Lilah's new highchair. We laughed about how times have changed..... They used to come over for relaxing & socializing and now we've got 'em busy putting highchairs together instead of enjoying sports center. But everyone brought Lilah a gift along with her Daddy's gift, so she felt like it was her birthday too, so much so that she wore Daddy's crown instead of him!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lilah Can Sit Up Now!!!

Lilah started sitting up last weekend. She now can sit up by herself from anywhere to 5 to 15 minutes without falling over. I put pillows all around her to cushion the fall when she does finally tip over. She's really enjoying sitting up and will sit next to me while I'm going through the mail, putting on makeup, etc. She does not want to hold everything that I've got. She makes this grunting whimpering type of noise when she wants what I have. It doesn't matter if I have a pen, paper, or machete, if I've got it she wants it.

She's now eating all kinds of baby food and I must brag and say she's doing quite well. She hated rice cereal, so we just skipped it and went on to fruits and veggies. She loves everything except green peas. She'll still eat the peas, she just makes a face when she does. She's also started using her sippy cup. Bill came home and said, "you've got the sippy cup out, isn't it a little soon?" She hasn't totally mastered it yet, but already she's making big improvements. She can now get some water out, but can't quite hold it high enough without a little help.

Lilah and I planned Bill a boys weekend in Vegas for his birthday. So he's off this weekend enjoying some friends he hasn't seen in a long time. We of course miss him, but are enjoying our girl time. We hope he comes home rich! But could he ever be richer than having the two of us?

I know we have been MIA from the blog for almost a month. Things just got crazy around here with finishing up the reconstruction, planning Bill's surprise birthday dinner, then Lilah and I headed to GA & Seattle for almost 2 weeks to let all the family meet my little pumpkin! Then we were back a day and my friend Leslie from nursing school came to visit with her family, so we've been busy bees. Hopefully things will slow down just a little now, but i'll never be able to blog as well as I did pre Lilah. Already I'm watching the clock knowing I better get to bed so i'll be ready when my little Sunshine wakes up.