Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1st Annual Crawfish Boil

We hosted a crawfish boil at our house over mother's day weekend. We had 'em flow in from Louisiana, 60lbs in a big Styrofoam cooler. It was cheaper than getting them locally believe it or not. We made it a mother's day theme with big signs everywhere with a picture of a crawfish that read,"For the one who's there in a pinch..... MOM!" Its not so easy to think up a crawfish/mother's day concept, but never fear, your great party planner is here! And Bill of course did all the cooking, it went off without a hitch and we hope to start making it a yearly event! We had perfect Seattle weather for the party!
We had crawfish games of course for everyone to play! Here's the crawfish race. Everyone really got into it...... cheering their own crawfish to the finish line! We also had a crawfih relay. I don't know if i've mentioned it, but we've got a great neighborhood. The Moores and Evans attended and all the rest of these folks are our neighbors. I don't know if its the fact that we moved into a brand new neighborhood, so people felt more like making friends, or maybe its the community park in the middle of the neighborhood that helps people socialize, or maybe its just the people in it, but we really love it and have made some friends we hope to have for a long time. And with me being a stay at home Mom, glad to have the neighborhood be such a social spot, previously most of my friends were all made at work.

Here's a shot of the table. It was quite delicious! Nice and spicy and the corn was great!

Aubrey jane loved the watermelon. And if you notice how her hair stands up.... it stands up like this all the time, The Moores said Bill's hair looked exactly the same when he was little, just a different color of course.

We honored all the Moms at the party. I gave a sweet speech about how specials Moms are, I had medallions for each kid to present to their Mom with their picture on it, and then I had all the kids give their moms foot massages and paint their toe nails. It was messy, but hilarious! See my friend Allison laughing as I had just announced about the pedicures ,which would be given by the kids, I love when people laugh so well.
For me mother's day is bittersweet. I enjoy the day so much now because i'm a mom of course, but I also miss the two wonderful mothers I was blessed with.... My Mom and my Nanny. Doing something fun for all the Moms at the party was a special way to make the day special for me. I only wish I could have included some other moms in my life who live so far away to let them know how loved they are on Mother's Day!

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Gammy said...

I was so glad to see you had updated your blog!! Your girls are adorable and AJ looks just like you. Amanda you are a wonderful Mom and a very thoughtful friend...all your neighbors are blessed to have you around..I know Leslie wishes she lived close to you! Keep the updates coming!!