Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ahhh, the vacation continues. Here we are at Lego Land. I'll say I much preferred Sea World. Lego land really caters to a specific age group, I'd say about 4-8 yrs of age. Of course our girls got in free, so I shouldn't complain, but there wasn't enough for them to get to do in my opinion. Also, if you've got 3 kids its hard. Most rides were with 1 kid and 1 parent. So if Liz and Jeff hadn't had us to watch Lauren they would have been hindered too. Its a nice place, neat to see, don't get me wrong, you just have a very specific window of opportunity for it to be a great spot for your family to visit.
Here's the boys in the Lego Vegas. They can't say we don't take them anywhere nice. This was really amazing to see. All the details were fun!

Here's how we rolled for lunches. We saved money with a picnic and found it easiest to control the herd if they were all in the trunk of the van rental. You gotta love it!

One of the few things Lilah could ride, we rode it a million times. It was fun!

They had a nice water play area. The day started off cloudy and cold so I didn't pack their swimsuits, mistake..... so we just stripped it down and enjoyed it anyway!

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