Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sea World April 2009

We headed to California for vacation in April along with the Evans clan, (bill's sister) and we had a great time. Bill got us back stage passes to see a dolphin up close and feed it, the girls loved it! Hello Shamu!
Here we are ready to see the show, we're sitting in the soak zone, i didn't think we'd really get all that wet...... wrong... we got soaked thanks to the guys below us wearing ponchos begging the trainers to have us splashed. We were the only section to get so violently splashed. The big splash came and everyone started crying.... it was funny and terrible all at the same time. Luckily i brought lollipops which cheered up the crowd afterwards quite a bit despite their soggy attire!

Here's Lilah just running and having fun. This one is FULL of energy. She's got enough personality for 5 kids!

Elmo wanted to see Shamu too!

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