Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little more vacation fun!

Here we are at the beach, Aubrey jane's first time at a real beach. In Washington we hang out at Lake Washington, not a true beach. But it was windy and chilly, she wasn't so into it. It was a lot like Lilah's first time at the beach!
We rented a townhouse for the week which made meals and down time much easier with the girls. Here's Lilah and her cousin Katie enjoying an after dinner ice cream sandwich from the rooftop!

We had spa night for the girls. Everyone got their nails done, except Mommy & Aunt Liz, though we had several offers for them to do it for us!

San Diego zoo was very nice. But I like the Seattle zoo too!

A little carousel time with Daddy!

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Leslie said...

OMG those girls are GORGEOUS!! I can't wait for you guys to come visit us in Arizona :) Looks like a great vacation. Next trip needs to be to Phoenix cause I need some Aunt Manda time! Love you.