Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How a week goes by

We recently found out about a great spray park. Its a fun place for the kids to run around and get wet. Aubrey Jane loves it, Lilah prefers the little pools. See Lilah in the polka dots and that's AJ sporting the bikini.
Here we are still at gymboree. The girls love art class, they love all the painting!

There's not beach close to us, but their is lake Washington and there's tons of parks with beach areas to enjoy. So here we are at Newcastle Beach park, one of our favorites. You wouldn't believe how tan Lilah is already despite her 50 Spf. I've got a pretty good watch tan myself.

You always here me saying "we're off to factoria time." Well, here it is. Its a program put on in the mall for free by the YMCA. Its great, they do parachute time, craft time, story, and songs. The kids love it. Then we always walk over to the pet store then do lunch which maybe a picnic, cheeseburger, target, whatever our mood. Here's Matty our neighbor with Lilah!


Anonymous said...

I love Lilah's big smile!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute....love Lilah's froggie boots! Love ya, Kat Balou