Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Easter March 2009

Yes, Yes, its been a thousand years since we've posted. I'm sure you all thought the blog was dead! Long and short we had 2 camera failures then 2 computer failures, and by the time we bought new computers, cameras, set it all up, backed it all up..... well here we are June 09. I'll try to back track some of the things we've been doing the last few months. The girls are growing like weeds and having tons of fun.

This is Aubrey Jane at Easter devouring a cupcake. She likes to just lick the top, but who can blame her?

Here are the girls Easter morning, seeing what the Easter bunny brought. My only complaint about Seattle Easter is it was wet and cold. Its no fun to sport long sleeves, tights, and closed toed shoes with Easter dresses, its just not right. And the last 2 Easters we've had to hunt eggs inside bc it was just too gross outside. But we made the most of it. At church there was a teenager sporting her Strapless Easter dress with long sleeves and jeans under it..... Spring is the only time that I'm not so crazy about Seattle weather, the rest of the time I actually like it!

Miss AJ w ith her basket, bring on the eggs!

The girls the night before leaving the carrots out for the Easter rabbit!

We had a big neighborhood easter egg hunt on saturday, and here's Lilah all ready to head out the door for it. This is when my camera stopped working. I thought she looked super cute.

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Dawn said...

Glad to hear from you...they are adorable!!